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questions about her break down

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ive just seen some very sad horrible videos of the paparrizi stalking her and litterly by her side and following her where ever she went.  they were like her entourage they would talk to her and she would talk back.  theres many videos showing britney being  nice to them even though u cn see brit wants them gone. it was so sad it was like brit just gave up and said this is my life mind as well make the best of it. she even dated a pap. Its so clear there was no one in her life , were was her sercurity, shes a big star espacially back then she had no one who could have prevented this? maybe britney wanted freedom but still jive should have even stepped in and stopped this she was litterly the only big star at that time. Paparrizi were so horrible to her and she mainted it till she crashed. Britney went through more than anyone could handle but yet she still will be looked as a crazy trashy pop star smh

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She fired her management ad team, stopped talking to her parents and surrounded herself around people she barely knew who stuck around to be in photos with her. She literally had nobody and she just did not care. 

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i also hate  how the media wont take blame for what they did to britney and they neve ever bpamed the paparrizi either they just made her seem crazy when it was them who attacked her im srry for bringing up past its just i started looking in ther her bad years and got me wondering 

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