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Britney’s Music Catalog Could Be Heading To Broadway

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Hit me Broadway one more time.

Piece Of Me is coming to an end this year. Britney has plans to tour it around the world this summer then round out the final dates back in Vegas, but after that... who knows. She could create an entirely new show and relaunch a residency, work on a Glory followup or... oversee a show on Broadway?!

Forbes reports Brit's longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, initiated a meeting with theatre veteran Jerry Mitchell to discuss transforming the pop star's greatest hits into a theatrical production.

Mitchell created a musical centering around the life story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan with On Your Feet!. He's also the mastermind behind Kinky Boots. “We’re telling a true story about real people, so the authenticity is really important to me,” he said.

However, Mitchell has a different vision in mind for the "Slumber Party" singer's catalog. “It would NOT be autobiographical,” he added. Instead, he'll tie in her iconic hits with a fictional narrative a la Mamma Mia!.

As it stands, nothing is set in stone nor has a timeline been decided on, but the seed is planted. It could certainly work – just revisit Glee's legendary episode on the Queen. I'm still pretending the second special never happened.

Now if we can just lock down a third Glory...

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No thank you!!!

I love musical theater, but this jukebox trend needs to die. Literally every famous musician has their catalogue being workshopped into a musical - from Donna Summer to Jimmy Buffett. "Viva Forever" the Spice Girls musical was a total bust. Great pop songs do not make a great musical, especially when forced together into some unrelated plot. Mama Mia! was a novelty, and now it's ruining the format of modern musicals. 

I really hope these "talks" quickly end with all parties realizing it's not a good idea. 

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1 hour ago, RussianFan said:

Isn't he her manager? You think that Britney herself should participate in talks?

Yes he is and yes I do but more importantly I think they should talk about Britney wanting to do it..

As the “Princess of Pop” prepares to close her popular residency show in Las Vegas, her manager, Larry Rudolph, has started to explore bringing her chart-topping songs to Broadway. 

Larry is exploring it...not Britney? Does she even want to do this? I mean the obvious answer would be yes I suppose but it's weird they didnt even mention her wishes so it makes me wonder.  :weirdmeout: Seems like Larry is just doing what Larry wants to do and Britney will have to show up and do it.. that's pretty much how it's written like. 

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It would be better in :idkney: like 10-15 years from now maybe?

Lesser known, undiscovered by wide audience precious songs,

not extrovert type fun but sth more in intimate climate?  

44 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

She's not the one that's going to Broadway lol, it's her music that would be turned into a Broadway show.

not yet :uknowit:

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