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Chaotic or Newlyweds


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2 hours ago, Trentals said:

No comparison.

Newlyweds gave Jessica Simpson a career. 

jessica's 1st album was certified 2X Platinum in united states. 4x global

she won Choice Breakout award and Love Song award at Teen Choice Awards in 2000

but nice try

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Newlyweds all the way!!! I loved her show as well as Ashlees's show. Chaotic was just unnecessary and uncomfortable to watch because it was just a bunch of homemade videos put together about a relationship no one even liked in first place.

Everything involved with K-**** was that, a ****. As you all said, it didn't help britney at all while newlyweds did so much for Jessica. 

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Hard to tell. Those two can't be actually compared.

I  loved the Newlyweds , I even got DVD's of it, but as Britney's fan I really enjoyed Chaotic as I always loved the behind the scenes stuff like Stages.... and with Chaotic that's where she allowed us into her very private space. Even tho it might have been a bad choice career vise I loved it, I just wish it was professionally filmmed.

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Chaotic 100% I love that britney and Kevin filmed it I love how she started it with just a camera to "entertain herself" and seeing Britney just being britney not staged like newlyweds. I understand britney regrets chaotic and it did hurt her image a bit (which I don't get tbh she was just like any of us when we were younger and idiots, for this of us who are older) but who cares? At the time it came out this is who she was and if you didn't like it then you'd have to admit to yourself that you don't like britney and leave. But for real what's not to like she was just young and a bit immature at the time she's clearly matured and wouldn't do that again but I liked getting the inside view 

and also when she said "it's nippley out here" 

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