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Britney: "Why can't I be the Queen of Pop?"


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She is though tbh.

While she'll always be the Princess of Pop as its a title she was proclaimed and credited for being, she is without a doubt a Pop Queen too.
She has also been credited and proclaimed as that as well.
She is the Queen of the millennium and of her generation... and no one can take that away from her, not even Madonna or other past Queens of Pop either.
Madonna and her fans may like to think there has only ever been one Pop Queen, but to truly believe that would be naive, bias and ignorant.
There have been many Queens of Pop throughout music, even before Madonna, but the difference is Madonna brands and markets herself as the official.
Madonna is a Pop Queen herself, always will be, but so is Britney, so is Janet, so is Diana Ross, so is Barbra, Cher, Whitney, etc.
I can both recognise and appreciate all of those women's efforts, influences, impact and triumphs throughout their careers.
I mean lets face it, they've all been Queens at the top at some point in their careers.

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