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Saw Britney at the RDMA's

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I was at the RDMA's yesterday & I started to freak when they first showed Britney sitting with her mom & sons on the big screen lol she looked amazing I couldn't stop staring at her cause I was just thinking to myself she likes 15 feet away from me & if only I was sitting by where she was sitting! I think I would've had a heart attack if I was even closer to her tbh :crying2:

I thought the tribute was great! When she started to walk up the stage to accept her award I was just in awe.. her body is amazing! she has muscle & her calves were so toned! her *** looked soooo good & she looked really tanned.. she just looked amazing!  :brit:

I'm so happy she received the first ever radio disney icon award because she deserves it! it was so awesome seeing the standing ovation just to see how much she still is & always will have an impact in music history  :BBMAney:

That was the whole reason I went was just to see her.. it was the best part of the night :lmao:

(sadly I couldn't take my phone in so I couldn't take any pics or videos of the whole show.. but I saw other people with their phones which idk how they took them in so I'm still pretty pressed about that)

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