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Britney is still popular with the gays here in LA


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So I just came home from a club and it was Gaga night(not really but they were raffling her CDs) and they were playing mostly old hits like Bootylicious, Wanna Be, Crazy In love, Slave 4 U

they even played radar :blol:

but whenever they played Britney EVERYBODY would go crazy and start cheering and singing along 



Britney PLEASE come to LA :tifftear: 




it was my first time at club and it was really fun, even got to dance with a guy :feelingmyself:

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I was at the Abby in West Hollywood last weekend and they played slumber party every single night. They actually played a bunch of britney songs. It's the most popular gay club in Weho so that's saying something! :unbelievableney:

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1. She has always been very popular among gay people

2. Sis, if you are in LA just go to Vegas, it doesnt take you that much if you compare yourself to someone from England, France, Mexico, etc. dont be lazy.

3. YAAAAS! Her music has that something make the gays go crazy, was it your 1st time hooking up with a guy at a night club? omg I still remember my 1st one I was very nervous :woopsie: 

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