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My perfect night out as told by "Blackout"

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Gimme More: When you're in the bathroom getting ready putting on your hooker shoes.
Piece of Me: When you're looking in the mirror and realize your outfit is on point!
Radar: When you're texting your friends to see who's going out!
Break the Ice: When you have your first drink at the bar...
Heave On Earth: When you start to feel that buzz coming on...
Get Naked: When you're drunk but still sober enough to show your goods
Freakshow: When you spot last week's booty call across the room.
Toy Soldier: You see your ex and want him to know what he lost out on.
Hot As Ice: Your ex leaves the club (obviously intimidated) and you want the world to know that you're killing it.
Ooh Baby: The crush from across the rooms comes up to you and asks for your number.
Perfect Lover: You and the crush take some shots.
Why Should I Be Sad: You're wasted and start to cry wishing your ex was here.

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