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Desert Fiasco is BRITNEY and her team fault, not the fans

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  • THEY hyped us with a 1 month countdown #AllEyesOnMe
  • THEY hyped us with a live event on national tv
  • THEY hyped us with a stream on her website
  • THEY did ZERO damage control when TMZ, Larry's close friend Robin Leach & RadarOnline all confirmed a performance
  • THEY still did ZERO damage control when the whole fanbase, medias and pop fans were hyping themselves
  • THEY chose to make it big to announce something they already announced MONTHS earlier ( :orangu: )

Of course the fans did not expect just a 2 minutes appearance and a vomit in the helicopter, because THEY hyped us HARD

This is a reality check for the britards who claim that it's all the fans fault :ohi:

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9 minutes ago, Roger said:

Britards are still accusing the fans to this day and I cannot support such a big level of britardation :ohi:

Yeah it was hyped up but so was a lot of things. It's alarming. Maybe that's why they say nothing these days. 

I mean V magazine was a good way to hype Glory but then they authorized Spring release to be mentioned and it all went downhill from there. :nyschool:

Wasted BBMA great performance, scrapped video, screen shot cover and months later we get Glory :meltdown:


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11 minutes ago, Million Billion said:

I had like 6 essays to do that day and I stayed up all night just to watch it in real time, around 7 am and she just said 2 or 3 words... :meltdown:


... And three years later they did the same :meltdown:

"Why would they do an event in the desert at dawn if she is not going to perform?!" :mariahstare:

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Guest $elfish
4 minutes ago, Alexanda said:

Is it Myah?

What is this anyways is this actually Gaga or some fake *** bootleg version of Gaga and brit

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4 hours ago, borogroves said:

sis, this is really the sad truth. that britney really has nothing much going on these days other than her random posting of google pictures and is already a parody of her old self. making jokes of britney is kinda like the new thing now not because it's the "IN" thing but because of what she is currently exuding

So is leaving and moving on not an option then if everything's so bad?

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