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Blackout and why it's her best album

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Toy Soldier, Hot As Ice, Freak show. Never hear so much sass  and attitude served in her songs. Complete with a killer instrumental flawlessly equipping out lyrics without missing a beat.

Gimme More, Piece of Me. Two unique personal songs with dark tones. One song is Britney chanting seductively towards the demanding public. The other is her classicly giving the middle finger to the paparazzi.

Not to mention a handful of other songs, on that album (every single song really). 

The super ****** ones that don't even skip around on puns but go straight to ****** lyrics (Get Naked). To heart warming phrases, "Wrap me up in your arms and back to sleep" surely to give you a flutter.

It was an album that greatly experimented with lyrics, music, Britney trying new styles of singing, themes. 

An album that wreaked of detail. Of incredible ideas and personal style. It was Britney in the studio working personally heading the direction. 

It's complete proof that Britney knows how to cohere an album. And no amount of time between Blackout and every album after that can diminish that. 

Here's to one day, she can release another album just like Blackout, in terms of full control, creativity, and innovative and new ideas brought forth with her collaborations and great minds

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