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Britney Avoiding the paps?

hey over there

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In her instagram photo  she said "no sneaky paps here" I was under the impression that paps had just stopped following her around because she doesn't do anything controversial to grab headlines anymore  :ponderney:

However is it possible she avoids going out and about just so she doesn't have to be photographed by them? We have had far less candid's in the last year or so than ever before, we used to get a lot of her at the airport or out shopping I cant remember the last time we got consistent amounts of candid's. Its just strange not to get them like before I know it doesn't really pay to be on Britney watch but she lives in a Celeb filled area like if she went shopping she would be seen.  Is it her avoiding them or are they more interested in following other celebs?

The irony is if she is avoiding them why would she put pictures taken by paps on her IG :giggleney:

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She the legendary miss Britney Spears :qtbrit:

ofc they follow her but not as many as before . The most like 5 now unlike before there was like 40 . 

Plus she lives in a gated community i believe so they arent allow in. Everytime she travels somewhere we gets pap pictures cause she not in her gate community 

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