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Has the digital era ruined our ability to enjoy music?

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This discussion could really go on for pages and pages, but I thought I'd keep it focused on Britney's music specifically; after all, it IS the Britney section.

Anyway, I was sitting here thinking about the current state of music and it's no secret or crazy revelation that the internet has made music much more accessible. Perhaps for better? Perhaps not?

I love the digital access to music because with a touch of a button, I have access to millions of songs at my disposal. I choose what I want, when I want and there's no waiting. There's no driving to the nearest CD store to purchase the album or waiting in line. Driving around town and feel like listening to "I'm A Slave 4 U"? Easy, hit search, and BAM! There it is.

But I can't help but feel that having such easy access to music is also a curse. Why you ask? Because I find myself not appreciating music as much. It's become disposable. I consider myself lucky because I grew up during the technological switch of the 90's and the digital music age of the 00's. I remember waiting in line for a CD so I could go home and play it on repeat until the CD was scratched beyond repair. Today? I skip through and fast forward through songs to see if I MAY like them and if I don't...NEXT! I can't remember the last time I heard an album all the way through or flipped through a CD booklet reading the credits and thank you notes from the artist. It kind of bums me out.

I bring this up, because I often wonder if the easy access to music has hindered our ability to enjoy Britney's music or any music for that reason. We can all argue that her latest albums are lack luster compared to previous works, but in reality, have we given them a chance? Or are we simply quick to dispose of them because we can easily go find other music by other artists that we think is better or much more enjoyable?

You can almost think of music as someone who has loads of money. You have access to all the luxuries money can buy. It's easy to see why someone may not be able to truly appreciate what they have.

Just a thought...

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