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I would DIEEE to watch her perform like this again today !!!

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6 hours ago, Spearsfan said:

Honestly I'm afraid to know what her live voice would be like now. 

From the cigs to no t training to rarely singing. 

I wish she would sing but she would have to put in a lot of work. Her strong vocals ended after Britney era so that over 15 yrs ago 


wtf are you talking about ? :sobbing: Britney always sings live.

It doesnt always sound perfect but she tries her best.

You ppl are so mean   :crying1: Duuh.




:uknowit: :uknowit: :uknowit: 

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7 hours ago, Army1 said:

This one is great, but her hands down best Im Not A Girl, if not best overall live vocals performance is this one from Oprah...


Omg that perfect last note...Even Oprah was feeling it :wendycry:

but the background singers kind of sounded too loud and a bit annoying that's the only thing That threw me off from that performance

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