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I had never seen this interview/Q&A before! (2004)

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Seen this before yeah, but its nice to watch again.

Her ultimate goal was to be a good, healthy person and have healthy kids tbh guys.

I believe she is and that she's accomplished that and accomplished one of the most iconic and successful careers of pop music tbh.

This is a woman you can look at and go... you know, even going through terrible, TERRIBLE times... she still conquered her dreams.

That's how a Queen does it b*tches   :tbh: 

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THIS IS THE B I love and miss most. She was amazing.. the way she articulated herself and how in depth she was with her craft. She's speaking as her old self. The one that LOVED being Britney Spears the artist. A lot has changed and we must appreciate her for how she WAS and also for how she is NOW. That is all.

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