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You guys shouldn't blame will for Britney Jean you should blame Britney's team. will is obviously a great producer - the BEP and then his own solo stuff. Look at Scream & Shout. It was Britney's team that rushed the album to be out before Vegas so they could use it to promote POM. Don't blame will for that. He had time to craft the first single bc they wanted to get that right and we got WB which is great. They didn't care about the rest of the album. 

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23 minutes ago, borogroves said:

Scream and Shout is still **** though. Big Fat Bass was also a big fat mess tbh. and for Work *****, the tune, beats and all (which are the only good thing about the song) are produced by a guy from The Swedish House Mafia (who are AMAZING). Will.I.Stop plainly just took the song from him and made it for Britney that's all. still trash :trash:

S&S was a huge worldwide smash hit. In fact - it was Britney's last one.

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