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Can we take a minute to praise 2011ney?

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Maybe she wasn't the best dancer or in her best shape as she is right now, but she seemed to have fun and was funny to watch

She was the femme fatale but without trying too hard.




Popping her *** in ha man's d


Working on them glutes 

Resultado de imagen para britney dance fft gif

Checking out her manicure


this is so funny too

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making her choreos look easy and not so complex as they really were

Imagen relacionada


AND YES! She also jumped on stage!



What else did you love from this tour?  There is just so many amazing moments

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5 minutes ago, ChrisTheLoner said:

I can't tell if you're joking or if you're really serious :quirkney:

The only thing really great or praise-worthy to me from 2011 was the music and chart and sales slayage :howiroll:

You have to admit though that the gifs are iconic


Gifney at her best :awks:

trust me, in 150 years people will be praising this tour



just like that.

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1 minute ago, Michaelgiftos said:

I love the album but the era was one of her worst. She wasn't into it and you could tell she was just going through the motions. But I still think about what the FF era would be like if it was in 2016:slayney:

imagine if it was in 2004

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I loved the FFT tour. I went twice and both times were amazing. idk why people always find the worst shows and act like it represents the entire era. the tour was so much fun, she performed so many new songs, it was great. I really wish she'd perform more glory songs, but oh well. 

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