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Britney thing in Cologne, Germany


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I went to Cologne, Germany and there is this "Hardrock Cafe". You have mainly all this stuff by rock legends, signed guitars, letters, photographes, wardrobe and many many more things and it has this golden plaque (im dutch, i dont even know if this is the right word) thing by it with a description. Anyway, upstars I suddenly saw this Britney Spears poster behind glas (the oops I did it again single picture promo poster for her oops tour in Frankfurt, Germany) and there was  black thing next to it signed by britney. She signed her name with a heart and a smiley. The plaque said this: "No has has been more dominant in the 21th century pop music than Britney Spears. She signed this beret early in her rise to superstardom." 


That it was cool enough to share, I love the description on the plaque

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5 hours ago, WilderWein said:

She* haha and yes I'm Dutch! But I do understand German. 


I took pics, I'll put them on tomorrow. Too tired yesterday after travel

Ik weet het ;)  het lijkt ook wel een beetje op elkaar! 

sorry, zal je in het vervolg met "ze"aanspreken! :giggleney:

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