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Favorite Stage Props

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DWAD music box for sure - i love how it opened up to become a "set" for Lucky and Sometimes

iconic pink car from DWAD Anticipating lol

POM cage from Circus

Ooh Ooh Baby prop from Circus - she came out of it at the beginning (i just love the trick)

BOM frames from Circus

Everytime wings in POM

ILRNR guitar in POM (way better here than FF Tour)

IWG magic mirrors from POM (i feel like they could have done cooler stuff with them though)

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The Everytime umbrella from the circus tour.

The huge frames for Breathe On Me from the CT.

The Slave cage of the CT.


Basically everything that was used during the CT. Legendary tour AF.


1 hour ago, mauureee said:


Imagen relacionada

Simple yet iconic.

Recycleney slaying with dem circusney props

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1 hour ago, Million Billion said:

The flying carpet from the DWAD and on the other side it was a platform. Also the egpcian boat at the FFT, it's funny how they came up with it in a very simple way.  

But when it comes to a whole stage, the Onyx Hotel. 

the flying carpet from DLMBTLTK was in Crazy2K Tour

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