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Is it just me or...


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Is it just me or is everyone else tired of all the leotards Britney wears during her recent concerts (Circus-Piece Of Me tour). It seems all she wears now is leotards, it seems that's all the female pop stars do today.  I think she needs a new costume designer for when she does a world tour for B10 (big IF) or if she decides to do another residency in Las Vegas.

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1 hour ago, utoxic said:

Exactly. Even in MATM she wears a lingerie while her dancers wear jeans and tshirts :madonna:

At this point, she will end up  bringing Sean and Jayden on stage :embarrassney:


1 hour ago, Sharkney said:

A new Larry too :trash:

We dont need another Larry, he can stay with that bsic bunch of basic 4th harmony or Miley. :ehidk:

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