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Why Slumber Party video flopped in views?


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23 minutes ago, blissfuloutsider said:

There are new artists that wish they could get even more than 10 million views... so stop talking **** and get a life about it for real :lessons:


& yes I'm dead *** serious and don't care if you report it or not, cause I have my opinions and views as well even if you don't like it.. :smokney2:

Opinions are fine...no one's gonna come at you if you say you don't like the song, video etc. But facts ARE NOT opinions. No. of copies sold is a number, not an opinion...

For someone like Britney, she needs to get +100 M views on every single new video of hers, because No. of views is a direct proportional to her popularity. There's no opinion there.

Yeah we wouldnt get +50M views if any exhaler put out a video, but, surprise surprise, I don't think anyone here has the worldwide recognition Brit has...which is the same case for new artists...

You really need to get a grip on what is considered an opinion and what are real life statistics...

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1 minute ago, blissfuloutsider said:

No, it's called her fans have become delusional. You get in the entertainment business for 20 years and let's see what your views are at 20 years in. :smokney2:


I'm sorry but the lot of you are pathetic, that's my opinion too.. Enough is enough and you're not called out enough on your bullshit.. :hehehe:

Most legends (Mimi, Madge, Janet) were still getting hits 18 years into their careers. Why can't Britney?

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6 minutes ago, blissfuloutsider said:

There's people dying out there, and you peasants are worried about views on youtube to measure a woman success over 20 damn years.. or her song's and what are or aren't hits to you.. grow up.. it's pathetic.. end of story. I'm done with this topic now.


get a life.. seriously... :) 

Say's the person who keeps trying to convince that the SP's views are good and calling people "mental". Get a life and go help those people you just talked about.

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It's a good video, but it doesn't bring anything new to the table, and the reason why we ship it so much it's because it was the first decent video we had in last 3 years with no drama in it:

  • Perfume - The final cut cutting the original story
  • Pretty Girls - All the song and image around making one of the most hated singles by her
  • Make Me - Skipping the original video

So at this point we were open for ANYTHING as long as didn't fail, that's why we like it so much, but for the GP is such another Britney video looking ****

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19 hours ago, Pedro Dantas said:

The song flopped, Tinasha didn't add anything new to the song and the GP didn't find the video that interesting.

That's not it. Basically anyone who wTched it loved it. It would have more views if it had more airplay and if people knew the song. So many reaction videos of people who love it but never heard of it

56 minutes ago, troubleguy said:

current generation not checks brit, her team should do something creative for all generations tbh :meltdown:

That's not it either. It has to do with airplay and having generic pop music.

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5 minutes ago, prettylittleliar_2214 said:

The song only got maybe 10 million AI on the radio so no one knew about the track at all. Pretty Girls was actually promoted minimally and it was mentioned a lot. If Slumber Party was a collaboration with Rihanna then it would've been massive. I'm not sure why her team chooses collabs with people who can't help her commercially. 

It's RCA that keeps pushing these annoying collabs that no one (her team included) wants.

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Glory is my among top Britney albums, however it's not the sound that the GP enjoys right now. 

Practically nothing from Glory gets the "vibe" from the current music wave. 

If anything, Clumsy is the song that sounds "wierd"  and people would have loved it just for that. So probably Clumsy is a great choice (although not my favorite track) :staysalty:

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Guest Diamond Horse
6 minutes ago, britneysslumberparty said:

honestly she should have released CYM as the second single. Its different, mature, and more artistic than Slumber Party

CYM as a single is perf.  Not sure if Slumber Party is bad [as a single], but I really find something about this swinging melody of Slumber Party truly genial. 

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20 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

Didn't ya'll say it was a sleeper hit? :shameless:


Do You Wanna Come Over? had to be the second single, but ya'll never learn :bpo:

Yes, yes, yes. The song is amazing but as a 2nd single it simply was intended to flop even before being released, unless she actually promote it on big events, not these local festivals she did. :tiffhair:


Oh, and BETTER, would have been the perfect lead single tho :lessons:

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