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What is Britney's worst career (not personal) decision?

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I think not singing live in years is a big one. I feel like now more than ever, ppl want to see an artist try, even if they don't sound that great. You get a lot of props for attempting to sing live. And her team made her so comfortable not singing or letting her get away with it, that whenever ppl think lipsynch now or in the future, they will automatically think Britney. When she is so much more than that. She became the poster girl for never opening her mouth. I hate that it's such a big part in her career. 

Of course there are others too (like not taking a proper break after Britney era, despite having gone through a devastating breakup and needing a rest, FF tour despite not being fit to do it, XFactor which made her look kinda dumb that she barely had criticism for anyone, the entire BJ album that she didn't record, Pretty Girls, etc.)

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Probably her regression after Blackout. I love Circus and Glory, but I do feel (to some degree) that there was a continued overemphasis on Britney as an object of ****** desire and this took a toll on

A lot of little mistakes and bad decisions, and some bigger ones, that have built up over the years and resulted in where we are now. But if I'm being really honest? A lack of drive, passion, and

FOREVER WORST: no Circus tour DVD  

BJ Era. Her brand was still strong post FF - Scream & Shout was big ww even if she's just featured. Then she started marketing B8 as a personal album, pulled a Beyonce and had writing credits for every track, absolutely no promo for the lead single and the album generally, Myah mess, and ultimately POM.

Circus was able to have a successful impact because it was marketed as the big Britney comeback after the disastrous Blackout era.

FF was able to benefit from Circus success especially that she disappeared in 2010 so the thirst was real.

But we can see how disengaged she becomes era to era. Sales diminished from Circus to FF. And so expectation was for her to bounce back in B8. But she decided not to promote at all. Worst is she embarked POM instead of a world tour. So for four years her audience was limited to Vegas (whether contractual obligations or she's just plainly lazy). Coupled by the fact that she did zero promotion for BJ local or overseas, I mean Work ***** was getting the hype like Hold It Against Me, but people no longer held on to it like they did with HIAM as it became increasingly apparent that Britney no longer cares.

The effect of this poor career decision extended to Glory. Although Glory was abhorrently mismanaged too, she started doing promo. But this time, people no longer cared.

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3 hours ago, BoyToySoldier said:

• The mishandling of the 2007 VMA performance

• Not taking a year break after the Circus era

• Going on tour in 2011 while being unfit to perform

• X-Factor

• Pretty Girls

• Scrapping a music video

• Doing an average performance for her 2016 VMA comeback

THIS :otears:

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5 hours ago, BraveGraphics said:

Pretty Girls / Tom's Diner : PG should've never happend (preiod), TD deserved a video yet she missed the opportunity of this flawless song IMO.

Justice for Tom's Diner! :letitburn:  :crying1:

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7 hours ago, BraveGraphics said:

Blackout / Circus : Rushing the release of Circus while Blackout had more potential to be more successful era, more singles from Blackout would've made a great impact (Get Naked, Freakshow, Ooh Ooh Baby) along with Radar, Break the ice & Gimme More should've been released as singles. Circus should've not happened anyways I always think of it as an extension for Blackout because it had a lot of fillers tbh, with that being said she should've released Circus in the late 2009 under Blackout (Something like the fame monster EP) with only (Circus, IYSA, Trouble, 3, Mannequin & Unusual You).


THIS :staysalty:

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- VMA 2007

- over sexualization during ITZ

- no real breaks before or after Circus

- Glory era

- POM extension (should have finished by 2016 while it was still hot)

- BJ - the final product and era

- releasing Outrageous instead of BOM or TOMH

- over sexualization still in grown adulthood. like people have stated above, it worked 10+ years ago, i wish she and her team would focus more on the artistry

- VMA 2016

- not performing Make Me at the 2016 BBMAs

- will.i.am


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6 hours ago, GrotesqueDiva said:

What pepsi mess???? :weirdmeout:

When DWAD Tour was planned, Jive selected Pepsi as a sponsor for the tour insted of the Clear Channel which owned majority of radio stations in the US. They were so pissed off that they blacklisted her - no radios played her music from 2001 to 2004 (Slave to Toxic), so her sales and charting were negatively affected. Though she still managed to sell well worldwide, with airplay in the US she would slay the world.

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2 hours ago, DownAndUp said:

Her worst career decision was not stopping when she wanted to, being rushed back into recording and releasing. She should have took time off 2008 - 2010 and come back out with a new image and a more personal approach. 


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I think the worst would be making will.i.am executive producer for BJ

Also bad choices

Chaotic - I did watch it when it aired on TV, asked for it on DVD for xmas and never watched the DVD. Still have the DVD but its now just a DVD in my Britney collection that I never watch

No Circus DVD - that's a tour I'm never gunna be able to see

Extending Vegas - ok admittingly being Vegas gave her some confidence back  but extending it after 2 years was too long


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