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Liar vs Pretty Girls


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I don't understand the hate on Liar...I think it's actually a really good song...the beginning and end is very cool, it has one of the best vocals from britney (even though we can't really heard them in the CD version)...and I still think that that song would be amazing as an ending song on a tour....everybody singing the clap part with britney, and after Liar ending with a ballad...would be an amazing clousure


EDIT: I don't understand the hate on Pretty Girls too...it's not a masterpiece but it's a fun song...not every good song has to be a smash hit to be good...but I would choose Liar

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4 hours ago, BritneyOfficial said:

If in fact they were both recorded at the same time, which would you have released? Do you think liar would have been a big hit if she released it instead of PG?

Pretty Girls would have been acceptable with totally different lyrics and if it was released two years prior.
Liar isn't perfect but it's like 220110301922234238042348023483 times better

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Neither song is terrible like so many dramatic people on here think! If PG had slightly better production, a few lyric changes, and was released in 2014 instead of 2015 it could've been huge.......the main problem with it's success was when it was released tbh......they needed to get it out before Iggy declined in popularity! My big issue with Liar is what they did to her vocals.....I hate the filter they put on them and I'm not huge on the whole western vibe, Liar to me actually sounds like it belongs on BJ because it's similar to Don't Cry one of the only good tracks on that album. 

What they should've done in 2015 was release an EP of like 3-4 songs which could've included PG, Liar, Clumsy, that way less of the early Glory material would've been considered for the album and freed up space for newer possibly better tracks! 

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In my opinion, Liar is the best song on the album. I was upset it was a bonus track. It would have been a hit. I can't figure out why people are hating on it so much. It just doesn't make sense to me. I could have lived without PG. It sounded like an Iggy song. Which bothered me. She bothers me.

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I'd choose Liar too but I honestly still bop along to PG. It's a fun song to get ready to and go out to. 

I know the lyrics are a little juvenile but so are the ones in Ooh La La, which I also love (jammed to it today tbh), but I've seen a lot of exhalers rave about OLL and that **** is literally for a kid's movie lol.

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