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Just got Fantasy In Bloom


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Here's my review.

It's a pretty name that makes sense for this fragrance. However, I don't think it smells like it's in the Fantasy family. It actually reminds me more of Radiance or Curious and could easily be a flanker for them. Plus it would have been one less Fantasy.

The box is pretty! I like the flowers - they are actually raised up on the box (you can't really tell in photos but it's a nice touch). The pink background is pretty and the deep pink band works nicely with it. The logo is also raised which is a nice detail. However - from a design standpoint, it should have read like this:


Not a big deal but it reads as Fantasy Britney Spars In Bloom. Having her recognizable name on the bottom would have gave more attention to the actual product name. That's just my designer rant!

The ad is on the back of the box which I think is kind of tacky. It just cheapens it and makes it seem more like a Walmart fragrance. However - it's a pretty ad.

So the bottle looks cheap. The top is a nice clear pink. The neck is gold (reminds me of Island Fantasy and Fantasy Intimate Edition) which is elegant (again, fitting for this fragrance). However, I'm not a fan of the opaque Fantasy bottles. The opaqueness makes them look like they're for old ladies. The other ones that are less see-through (or completely clear like Island Fantasy) look nicer plus I really miss the jewels. The jewels added an element of fun. Also, some of the juice got onto the bottle when I sprayed it and you can see it on the surface so it already looks a little greasy which wouldn't have happened with her other bottles.

What annoys me the most about the packaging is the clipart-looking flowers on the bottle. They aren't as bad as the decal on Maui Fantasy, but it's not great. If they had used the illustrated flowers from the box it would have looked nicer. Again, I just wish we had the crystals instead.

So the actual fragrance smells really good!! It's not my favorite Fantasy or even one of my favorite overall Britney fragrances - it's actually one of my least favorites, but that says a lot bc all of them are so good - but it's a really nice, pretty scent. However, it doesn't smell that unusual which I like about Britney's fragrances. It smells exactly like the name In Bloom though. The top notes are green mandarin, red berries and Japanese Cherry Blossom and it smells just like that. It's very light - it's an eau de toilette which means that it doesn't have a lot of staying power. It's definitely fruity and floral which doesn't fit into the Fantasy line which is more sweet and gourmand. Maui Fantasy is the same way. I would say it's ideally for spring (duh lol) and it's a casual fragrance even though it is more "lovely" than "fun" (most Britney fragrances are just fun). Overall I'm happy with it and I think it's a nice edition to the collection.

So now I only need to get Private Show which I've heard is really great! Here's an updated list of my favorites starting with best first:

Circus Fantasy
In Control Curious
Fantasy - The Intimate Edition
Island Fantasy
Hidden Fantasy
Cosmic Radiance
Rocker Femme Fantasy
Fantasy - The Naughty Remix
Fantasy - The Nice Remix
Fantasy In Bloom
Maui Fantasy
Midnight Fantasy

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3 minutes ago, 3Pney said:

how can u put the SLAYnight Fantasy at last!!!!?!!?!?!!

BAN PLZ. :byebitch:

I know it's an unpopular opinion on Exhale but it smells so childish and immature. Not a lot of her fragrances are very mature, but Midnight smells like something you would get from Claire's, like a little girl's first perfume. To me, it smells like grape bubblegum or one of those markers you can smell and that's not something I want to smell like. It's more than synthetic mixed with the sugary sweetness of Fantasy. Just not a good combo imo.

Before I got Britney's line, I only really wore designer fragrances so they are more upscale and elegant. That's probably why I don't love Midnight - it's the total opposite. I like Britney's line bc it's a lot of fun but again, Midnight to me smells like a child's scent.

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33 minutes ago, patience darling said:

Yes I have it. I quite like it actually. It is a great fragrance for spring and summer. It doesn't smell like Fantasy at all. I wish it lasted a little longer but I do enjoy it.

Agreed. I feel like this fragrance could have been Curious In Bloom (would have been cool to see another Curious after all these years) or Radiance In Bloom. And I also wish it lasted longer! But yes, perfect for spring =)

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