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Plastic surgery is not the problem people!!!

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It's the plastic SURGEON. 

Let's face it, when X factor happened it was obvious she needed some face lifting and botox here and there, and dont pretend 90% of this forum wasnt DEMANDING plastic surgeries to happen, because everyone did so ******* pls :staysalty:

And im fine with it, if she has insecurities she wants to fix ******* go for it, its her life and her face. HOWEVER, her plastic surgeon is literally ****. He obviously has no idea what he's doing because you can tell by her face he's not doing his job well. He's just using lip fillers and even messes that up, thats the most ******* simple thing a plastic surgeon can even do ffs :orangu: 

Once again I think her team is cheaping out on her, paying for some shitty-*** cheap plastic surgeon, she needs to hire someone 1000000000 better. Preferably Kim K's and her sisters surgeon, because obviously the man can do miracles, look what he made out of Kylie :orangu: 

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I agree its like people think she went from looking like circusney to how she does now. They forget how she looked right before 2013. I also agree that her surgeon is ****. I do think the lips weren't necessary but probably if they were done by a competent surgeon I wouldn't mind them. I think another problem is her skin. She has obvious cosmetic procedures but her skin looks haggard and it just doesn't go together. Its kinda funny too because back during x factor the thing everyone complained about the most was her skin and its like the one thing she hasn't fixed :sassybrit:

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16 minutes ago, justkeepdoingit said:

the person who does "fun stuff" to her face is the very same person responsible for kim k's new face.


i think she looks better when her lip injections wear off, but honestly it's up to her. not like i can change **** anyways.

THIS is what Britney did: http://www.drkanodia.com/cosmetic-plastic-surgery-beverly-hills/cosmetic-fillers/lip-enhancements/

And I'm REALLY glad that her joker smile will go away if she stops with the lip injections. It wasn't plastic surgery. As you can see in the video, the woman also gets a weird joker smile after getting the lip injections.

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We use the safest Hyaluronic Acid based fillers to subtly enhance the natural shape of your lips. We don’t create the overdone “duck lips.” 

:moorangu::moorangu::moorangu:Millenials & Botox





Each treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes. Our specialized technique makes the procedure virtually painless. Results last 9-12 months. There is no downtime.

This is exactly what a friend who's married to a plastic surgeon told me.

So why do Britney's face look so off. Why is she re-doing her lips constantly. Isn't that bad for your health or something?:icant2:

Eff this doctor Kanoodle guy. He's clearly not good at his job.:wtf:

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I honestly think it's not just surgery. I think it's that she's lost so much weight in her face as well. I still think she looks beautiful though. It's all about having the right makeup on and when her makeup is done well or she's not wearing any she looks gorgeous!

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