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Britney Reportedly Looking To Extend 'Piece Of Me' For Several More Years Following Summer Tour

Jordan Miller

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Im sad, seriously! I think I dont like her anymore. My dream its her to return better than Beyonce, but thats imposible, I wish she makes a visual album, she have better image in well every thing (instagram, photo shootings, performances, clothes..) I think I have desconected from her, Im sad. The only things that I like in this era where: V magazine (Mario testino Shooting maybe the best thing and the dirección that she might have to take), Glory Music, and that she choose Slumber Party as Second Single. The rest was literally **** for our days level . She is the queen, why dont she acts like it. Why britney ? Why? Vegas is ******** your carreer and I want you to work with the best and be the best! Please leave Vegas, change Legacy for Rca and be the QUEEN you are

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2 hours ago, hizi said:

And I always thought I could never afford a trip to Vegas and the tickets. But I will have at least 10 more years to save up :forkit:


Why does Britney hate her fans so much? :ponderney:

i'm sure that will be the venue for Sean Preston's high school graduation

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I'm a bit torn between 2 distinct feelings actually. I really just want to be happy and wait for the tickets to be available for France and just get them. At the same time, I have no idea on what to expect anymore. We've seen so many videos of Vegas that if she brings vegas on the road, it'd be very disappointing. The same problems with  Vegas are the ones everyone highlights all the time, maybe the choreography but moreover the setlist and the old vocals. I think the "vocals" is one of the biggest problems, it's very amateur for a star as big as Brit. If she doesn't want to sing live at least fresh recorded vocals like the "Onyx Hotel" had, would do the trick.  

With the way her career is handled, I sadly learned to not get my hopes up anymore, and I don't like to be stereotyped as someone who's cheering when things are great or being someone having a "meltdown" when something is disappointing. As fans, I think our feelings are legit, some will be more extreme, but people have the right to be disappointed. What I'm saying right now might be very different from what I was saying after the release of Glory. Back then we had the BBMA performance that happened a few months before and I was really thinking that her team had learned and were ready to slay, literally. I was stanning hard! But with the days passing, I felt like a huge letdown had happened. I loved the Apple Festival, but the vocals for stronger and those old songs were really cringeworthy and disrespectful (yes I used that word) in my opinion. I would play the album at home, the vocals would be the same. 

I don't know what to say with the extension of POM. Her team's choices have put Britney outside today's pop industry's game. And it's sad because if you look closely, she has a strong fanbase proved by Glory's first week sales, and Make Me being on top of the Itunes charts upon its release. 

To the people pointing fingers because Britney is "stable in Vegas and as fans we should be happy", well I'm a fan, always have been and always will be but I have the right to be disappointed. I didn't steal anything, I pay for her music, bought all her albums, went 3 times to her concerts in my life but now all the choices made by her team and that she agrees on (she's not a hostage), don't always find an echo with me.  

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I don't know how to feel, honestly. I will always adore her and be here for any potential new music, but I guess my stan days are over. I'm glad that 2016 at least showed me a glimpse of the Britney Spears I fell in love with all those years ago. Shame that I never got to see her live at her best.

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5 hours ago, SlayOut said:

She won’t deny it :meltdown:


She's not trying to hide it! :byebitch:

Oh baby don't you wanna pay lots of money

for a 10 second time of grace

oh baby don't you wanna see me walking

leaving behind my true live voice


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5 hours ago, Brit 97 said:

Guys, what's the problem if she stays in Las Vegas if she does a proper world tour?

This fan base is always butthurt about something.  Between 2016 and 2017, she's doing way more than I ever expected out of her (big televised performances, talk shows, festivals, the tour), and I'm thrilled with that but some people aren't and will never be happy, no matter what she does.  :nochillbrit:

Vegas sucks for us, but it's good for Britney because she can perform and still spend time with her loved ones, which we all know is her top priority.  So if she wants to extend the show, I'm cool with it.  :)  I just hope she makes changes to it.  Real changes, like new songs, choreography, etc., not tackier costumes and more knee-tapping.  That's what we're going to get, isn't it? 

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I know people hate vegas but i kind of don't....

it's given her great confidence back, stability with her family, and with fans too....we know where to go to see her show if it means we have to save up over a period of time.

We got Glory while she was there, so it's not like she can't put out another amazing album.

My only gripe is the greatest hits setlist and not so much a new album promo tour setlist.....but i feel like that happens when you get super big and are forced to perform all your hits. 

I feel bad for the people who live overseas and can't go see her; but now she's going to tour to those places to give some of those fans the opportunity. So...I don't know. I don't think vegas is terrible. If it's what she wants to do I think we should be happy. 

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Britney was already pretty "uncool" but still had some hope of reinventing. Vegas has made her a bonafide granny in the eye of the GP.  It's the land of tacky shows for artists on their way out. Relevant artists use it as a pit stop; they don't make it their final destination.


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59 minutes ago, Zeik89 said:

Britney was already pretty "uncool" but still had some hope of reinventing. Vegas has made her a bonafide granny in the eye of the GP.  It's the land of tacky shows for artists on their way out. Relevant artists use it as a pit stop; they don't make it their final destination.


Ding, ding, ding, we haveeee a winner.

This pretty much sums it up nicely. Outside of the fan realm she's been out of the picture for way too long and this pretty much extends the being out of the picture for a while longer. Bottom line is whoever really wanted to see POM has already seen it ( some several times over) and extending it will change the audience as well. And the audience is crucial for gigs like these. Performing for people that are slowly getting older, a larger crowd that goes 'just because' and less fans in the crowd but more random folks that check out the show just because they're in Vegas will do wonders for her motivation :sickofu:   Gimme a fantastic era with good music, good videos and performances, and end this POM suffering tbh. This only proves she's just in it for the stable no fuss, no problems approach  and getting steady cash flow at this point

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I remember when Circus came out, people that wouldn't ordinarily like a "Britney Spears song" loved Circus and Womanizer. My step-dad, who is a total baseball-cap-wearing-Nascar-loving-working-on-cars-in-the-garage-all-day type of guy absolutely LOVED Circus. Britney was actually relevant in the eyes of the GP for her music again. The FF era definitely hurt her image because she seemed like a boring zombie, but most of the GP still loved the music. POM has done nothing for her career. I'm sure it's easier on her because of her kids and how she seems to hate touring, but how long can she have a successful residency with songs that are already pushing 20 years old? And it's not like her performances are even that good - THERE I SAID IT, YOU KNOW YOU ALL ARE THINKING IT. Her confidence has definitely improved, and she's a bit more energetic when compared to 2011, but her dancing isn't great, she lip-syncs the entire show, and it's honestly kind of dull. Also, check out the ticket sales - she hasn't had a sold-out show since 2014. How lucrative is this residency?

END POM AND START PRODUCING GREAT MUSIC, PERFORMANCES, AND PROMOTION AGAIN!! I know that's just a pipe-dream at this point, but still..

Yay for the small world tour I guess.. :byebitch:

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9 hours ago, Iexpectyouto said:

yup. my entire stanship has been the vegas years:zoomzoom:

Oh honey... Damn. You missed her prime. I'm sure you can see it on Youtube, but let me tell you - it was way different when you were living through it. She was everything. The Britney of today is only a sad reflection of what she was in 1999-2004.

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