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A magazine cover that she REALLY deserves


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Just recently I started to think more about how incredible good she's doing and that she's such a healthy fitness - inspiration. It makes me proud and ofc also amazed by how dedicated she is to working out again and just living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Healthier in many ways than ever it seems, I would say. 

TODAY, 2017 - being in such INCREDIBLE shape, looking smashing and just being a happy Britney with her career at a really good high. and doing so good with family and relationships, she deserves a new covershoot and article or interview in a Fitness or lifestyle magazine again. I even though of leaving a comment of that to one or two major ones, wishing for them to reach out to her. She should be an inspiration for SO many out there and she truly deserves it. 

Meanwhile, look back at this Womens Health - shoot from 2015. How cute isn't she there in the beginning?! 

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