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my first setlist - glory world tour


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So this is a draft set list I threw together because I was bored. Some ideas are more developed than others. Not exactly sure if there's the right amount of Acts or songs. I'm open to feedback and help if someone wants to give me suggestions. Let me know if i thought too theatrical and too much in terms of a story line. I want to clean this up. My thoughts are messy, I just started typing.

  • Is it too short? Needs more songs?
  • Was I thinking too storyline and order, should I rearrange the acts?
  • Did I use enough Glory songs? Too many non-glory songs?

Non - Glory songs used:

  • You Drive Me Crazy
  • Scream & Shout
  • Gimme More
  • Tik Tik Boom
  • Criminal
  • 3
  • Baby One More Time
  • Toxic
  • Womanizer
  • Perfume
  • Slave 4 U
  • I Wanna Go
  • My Prerogative
  • Hold It Against Me
  • Work *****
  • Till the World Ends


Back story or idea: Showing the highs and lows of an unhealthy relationship. Her ex lover is a criminal. Throughout the show we see flashbacks of the relationship and the grand finale
she finds her GLORY and redemption in herself. lol. Something like that.

Act 1: Invitation/Beginnings

Intro video:
Yes/No. I Do/I Don't. Stay/ Go. I don't know. Just come over... (words flash on screen with **** dark mysterious video of britney as do you wana come
over instrumental plays)

Set: Uh huh loud firework explosions. Britney rises from the ground of the top level of stage with stairs and lights

  • Do you wanna come over?
  • Make Me
  • Private Show
  • You Drive me Crazy

Act 2: If I'm Dancing 

Set: Subway/Train - Club

  • If I'm Dancing (act opens up with Britney on the subway / pole dancing choreo walking on seats)
  • Scream & Shout - transition mid song from train / to club
  • Gimme More
  • Tik Tik Boom - we're introduced to "the guy" during this performance

Video interlude: Coupure Electrique (video flashback videos of britney and the guy. kissing, smiling, laughing, quick glances of her man doing crime, cheating with other women. Video ends with Britney following him/spying.)

Act 3: Liar

Set: Empty office

  • Liar - (set opens up with Britney in a trench coat with thigh high boots - trying to find evidence with her girl squad - lots of strutting and walking)
  • Criminal - desk choreography solo
  • 3/Just Like Me medley -

Act 4: Hard to Forget Ya

Set: Red lights/ very dark and ****


  • Hard to Forget Ya
  • Slumber Party
  • Baby One More Time
  • Love me Down

Act 4: Toxic

Set: I don't know the feel of this set. I kind of wanted to incorporate water. splashing like she did in DWAD or Beyonce in Formation tour.  Just wanted something where we could say he no good for you girllll (Do we throw in another song?)

  • Toxic
  • Womanizer
  • Perfume - live singing (lol)

Video Interlude:  Man on the Moon (video of Britney leaving and traveling to a secret destination while man on the moon instrumental)

Act 5: Better

Set: Island / Jungle vibe like The Hookup in Onyx (more island than jungle I guess)

  • Change your mind
  • Better
  • Slave 4 u
  • I Wanna Go

Video Interlude: Mood Ring

Act 6: Glory / Redemption

Set: Bright lights I don't the feel just very luxe and expensive. Similar to the feel of the Work ***** music video.

  • Me myself & i cover/my Prerogative medley
  • What You Need
  • Hold It Against Me
  • Work *****

Encore: Till the World Ends

Sorry if this is boring or annoying. Would greatly appreciate feedback.

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6 minutes ago, idontgare said:

love it! the only thing i'd change is TTWE as the encore, she's used it as the last song for POM and FFT, kind of overdone at this point if you ask me. love the rest tho!

aww thank you! what song do you think would work for an encore? I just like it because it's so upbeat and good to end on a note like that. but I do agree we need to change it up.

I'm treating this like an open doc so everyone's suggestions are welcome.

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3 minutes ago, naturalplayboy said:

aww thank you! what song do you think would work for an encore? I just like it because it's so upbeat and good to end on a note like that. but I do agree we need to change it up.

I'm treating this like an open doc so everyone's suggestions are welcome.

honestly if you switched TTWE & Work ***** around that alone would be so cool! It'd still be at the end of the show but then Work ***** would really shut it down tbh. I also think Make Me would be a great encore if she had an awesome routine for it

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5 minutes ago, Wiggle said:

I feel like MM should be the encore :hipney: we're all done with TTWE 

Do you have any suggestions for Make Me's replacement in the first act?

5 minutes ago, Screamous said:

Where's Boys?

You might dont like it, but Boys is always on Britney's setlist since it was released.


I wanted to include it but figured its been on every setlist. What act would it fit best in? and what song would you remove?

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10 minutes ago, naturalplayboy said:

 wanted to include it but figured its been on every setlist. What act would it fit best in? and what song would you remove?

Subway/train-Club section

Remove If Iam dancing, it doesnt match with others song's vibe. SS and GM are **** and hot song, while If am dancing more like a happy dancing song

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Fun, I like it! This would be mine (she's doing the hits in Vegas for 4 years so mine would be alllllll new stuff that she's never toured with):

Coupure Electrique (it would be such a dramatic opening)
Make Me...

Love Me Down
Pretty Girls (shut up I love it)

Private Show
Just Like Me
Slumber Party

Just Luv Me

Do You Wanna Come Over?
Tom's Diner
What You Need

Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
Hard To Forget Ya

Man On The Moon
If I'm Dancing
Work *****

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Act I: Glamour 

1. Invitation (Intro)

2. Do You Wanna Come Over

3. 3

4. Gimme More

Act II: Burlesque 

5. Private Show 

6. I'm a Slave 4 U

7. Slumber Party

8. Breathe On Me/Touch of My Hand 

Act III: Urban Street Style 

9. Boys 

10. Liar 

11. Womanizer

12. Baby One More Time

Act IV: Electronic Dance

13. Scream and Shout (interlude)

14. Hold it Against Me

15. If I'm Dancing 

16. Love Me Down

17. Piece of Me

Act V: Ballad

18. Everytime 

19. Just Luv Me

Act VI: Island  

20. Toxic 

21. Better 

22. Oops! I Did it Again (remix) 

23. Till the World Ends

Act VII: Encore

24. Stronger/Crazy

25. Make Me

26. Work *****


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3 hours ago, Popeye said:

A tour is supose to start with a song that give energy . It's the first impression , if it slow the hole will be boring in a way

i've been to pop concerts that started with dramatic slow songs and it was electrifying. it's so different and unique. a good example of this was Rihanna's Last Girl On Earth Tour - she started with Russian Roulette and it was insane! it can be very impactful and exciting. I also saw the Diamonds Tour when she opened with Mother Mary. It was so awesome! It would be something really different for Britney. She doesn't need to do the same thing every single time.

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I agree with some others that i'd rather not see TTWE as the encore, it does make a great encore but she's used it as the encore for FFT and POM already. i'd like to see Make Me as the encore. With the Me Myself and I bit as well, also G-Eazy could come out and perform his verse on selected dates like how Nicki did her verse for TTWE. 

But the setlist is pretty good and i really like some of the ideas you have for each act/segment too. 

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