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So I commented on breatheheavys xtina new music post on Facebook. Telling Britney fans to play nice because we know what it feels like to flop with glory and Britney jean.

now xtina fans think they're better than us because I humbled myself to relate to them. They keep pulling up Glory numbers.

im almost confident lotus and bionic did much worse. Who has receipts to shut them up.

**** these xtina fans tbh.  IWAS trying to be nice to them because they Stan for someone that'll only be in Britney's shadows forever

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It's still laughable that people think 10,000 sales make a difference, or 100,000, or 1,000,000 sales :blol:

Britney's BOMT album sold over 14m albums in the US alone. Xtina's whole discography has sold 14.5m albums in the country.

The fact one of britney's NINE albums outsells or matches her entire discography is just embarrassing. 

Oh and the BOMT single sold 10 million copies alone in the US which is almost as many as Xtina's entire discography of albums

get wrecked xtina

Bionic in 2010 sold 435,000 units. FF sold over 2million. Also, to date TTWE has also sold over 3million copies. 



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It's crazy how vicious they are. I was trying to relate to them. I didn't even pull out a Britney is better than xtina line even though we all know that. I humbled myself and acknowledged Britney's latest numbers were less than stellar for someone of her calibur.

They just started to drag glory. When they don't even have any recent successes to look at. What is there to be proud of her oreos endorsement? 

I guess we're just like our idols - vicious and bitchy xtina fans and sweet and humble Britney fans.

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Omg..Xtina fans are so annoying...and lets not forget DELUSIONAL! They don't see receipts..they can only say that Xtina is more relevant than Britney because she was featured on a song that did better than Britney's latest solo singles (like wtf?)

I had this fight with an Xtina fan on youtube and it's a kii how he didn't respond after I posted receipts:



Him: Well considering Britneys last two albums flopped, shes every bit as irrelevant as Christina if not more.

Me: Xtina's last 2 albums flopped before Britney even had her first flop so check that

Him: Then Britney caught up to her with both Britney Jean and Glory bothof which could even reach the sales of Christinas lowest selling flop "Lotus".

Me: Britney and Xtina's first flops are both around the same sales tbh (although Brit's has more certifications on hers) even tho Britney didn't promote her first flop album at all. Xtina's 2 flops were released in earlier time when the album sales climate wasn't even that bad..it was still bad but Britney's 2 flops were both sooner and in a worse climate for album selling.. like..best selling albums by the year they released their flops: X 2010: eminem - 3,42 mil X 2012: emeli sande - 1,39 mil B 2013: 1d - 685k B 2016: adele -753k (although she is the biggest seller by a large margain ahead of others) Also B's 1st single (from her 1st flop album) chart better (and sold more) than X's 1st single (from her 1st flop album).Their 2nd singles were, B charted higher again (before releasing the M/V) and everyone can see that when Britney is releasing, there is more anticipation.. Xtina's latest flop (2012) - "Lotus debuted at number seven on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 73,408 units." Britney's lastest flop (2016-last year) - "Glory debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200, selling 111,000 equivalent-album units in its first week, with 88,000 coming from pure album sales." But u know..I could've just said that Britney outsold Xtina's album sales combined with her first 2 albums (even tho they debuted at the same time and Xtina's singles were charting better in the US (although not selling more WW))

Him: Lmao but she didnt Britneys album debut bigger but Glory has only sold 140k in the US to Lotus 279K. Britney Jean has sold 259k to Bionics 340k so no sweety., Britneys flops are much bigger.

Me: Glory was released several months ago.Lotus was released several YEARS ago.I don't know why are you comparing their sales so soon.Even tho the album sales are bad these days, Glory will still probably reach it. ..phew..I can at least peacefully say that if we compare albums released around the same time, that Britney sold more: ''The Singles Collection' (2009) 800.000 Bionic' (2010) 850.000 'Burlesque Soundtrack' (2010) 1,4 million 'Femme Fatale' (2011) 1,9 million 'Lotus' (2012) 550.000 'Britney Jean' (2013) 600.000" and at least Britney didn't start to flop on her 6th album (Bionic and Circus) but yea..I guess Xtina can have the first flop albums sales win even tho it was more promoted and it was released in a better climate for album selling lololol

Him: Girl, thes emade up figures though. All youre validating, is that theyre both flops. Even more so youre validating, that Britney is a bigger flop because she now pulls in about the same numbers as Christina when she at one stage was pulling much bigger numbers. Tragic.

Me: bish whet? https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=832997493441104&id=299303286810530 https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?id=299303286810530&story_fbid=824566784284175 I like Xtina but some of her fans are annoying tbh. They were always starting **** with Britney fans.But we all know who is more successful. and they pull around the same numbers?? are u even serious lol.. has Xtina been on 2016 Forbes Top Earning Celebs?Britney has..99# overall and 8# for a female musician. has Xtina EVER been in the Celebrity Top 10 list any year??Britney has..4 times (1 topped)! btw look: "According to Forbes, Aguilera was the nineteenth-richest woman in entertainment as of January 2007, with a net worth of $60 million.[108]" and   "Forbes reported that Spears was the highest paid female musician of 2012, with earnings of $58 million, having last topped the list in 2002.[15] I don't know why u can't accept it...Xtina was never a great seller anyway..She makes great music tho..I really liked Bionic.


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