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What Were Your Original Thoughts On Glory's Songs ?

Lucky's Bitch

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What i mean by that is,during the announcments/leaking period,what did you think Britney's Glory songs we're gonna be about or sound like,also,what was your original thought on the album's name ? (I remember Smooth Talking being the title that ''leaked'') :rihclap:

For me i first thought Just Luv Me was gonna be the lead single after Britney tweeted the name of the song.:giggleney:

Then i remember when that small portion of Make Me was leaked on accident by her dancers,since the snippet of it wasn't clear,i suspected it was gonna be a ballad about heartbreak.:omgreallyney:

My favorite out of all my suspicions was when the title ''Slumber Party'' was revealed and i thought it would be a song about being in a lesbian relationship and it kinda ended up like that when the video came out but i still remember that being the first thing that came to mind.:milkney:

What about you ? :drinky:

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Just now, The_Original_Toy said:

remember when timothy or whatever tf his name was :donewithit: was being praised left and right for saying the most vaguest ****? :mhmsureny:

Yes i remember staying up so late to see if the article comes out (since i'm in a different time zone) i was so excited but it ended up being a feature and that wasn't even mentioned plus the Oooh part.

I actually thought the title wasn't even true since someone said what if the song had (Oooh) in it and it's exactly what happened.:byebitch:

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