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The Official 'Britney Ever After' Discussion Post

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Well I dont live in the US so I saw the movie via torrent. It was of 1 hr and 23 min while its everywhere in the news that its a 2 hour movie. Plus I thought there were a lot of scenes missing in that version which were shown in the trailers. Some dialouges were changed or missing too. Like there was no dialogue in the movie where she said 'i wanna be strong for my fans'. 'Rock bottom was changed to 'very bottom'. Some shots of the head shaving scene were missing too. 


Anyone have a clue ?

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7 hours ago, justkeepdoingit said:


and her very own fanbase defending it... :meltdown:

You're lying... people are defending this..!? wtf?


7 hours ago, Denise said:


This is what you are thinking.. I didnt see that

It's not what I'm thinking it's how it was meant to be perceived . They painted britney as this ignorant girl who's desperate for love that happens to have slutty tendencies and a major mental issue. If you didn't see this in the movie then maybe you only watched I Am Britney Jean .

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9 hours ago, Toxicboy07 said:

Dude she was basically dead in Femme Fatale era. Did you not see how unresponsive she was on her interviews and performance. Watch the Femme Fatale DVD. Its so painful to watch. 

At times, yes. But as I said - for the most part of the era I thought she did amazingly well and seemed happy, alive and present with energy especially on stage. Interviews during that era was stiff and very special, but other then that... I loved it!

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10 hours ago, Denise said:

you guys need to understand that wasn't that bad... watch it in a positive way, from the scene where she is crying in the street till the end, everyhing is so paintful ...


it's wrong to analyze every gesture, movement...  it can't be real like it was in the real life, no one can imitate britney 100%



That was the only good part tho. And the scenes with the creep who shall not be named.

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Just now, itsjosiebitch said:

In an interview, she said that she drove to brad pitt's house just to see. If I remember correctly, she said it on trl

this might be surprising but I liked the part where Lynn went to Britney's house where Sam was. It was pretty much how I imagined it being like based on what Lynn said 

Me too that scene was pretty interesting to watch 

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If I didn't know the story I'd be kind of lost. The whole thing was like Snapchat: The Britney Movie.

I felt the BIGGEST thing missing was the way she makes her fans feel.

This could've easily been resolved in a couple ways.

Instead of the only fan interaction being the security guard it could've easily been a few young girls who were enamored with meeting her at the start. Then showing the same girls more grown up watching the fall and how it affected them. Finally ending with the same group watching her return to grace in Vegas. 

Another way is the crew could've made the whole thing more documentary based and went to Vegas and asked people going to see her why they love her, why they're a fan...etc. This would've grounded the whole thing in reality and evened out the worst parts of this.



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