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Fashion from Gaga's previous album is way better


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21 minutes ago, Dynasty said:

not a fan of her anyway, but for you who dont know she had  song called fashion way before artpop, and its sucha bop, i have it on my gym playlist and it slays me:staysalty:

Yas! I LOVE THIS 'FASHION'! :staysalty: one of my fav bops when i had my own computer back in 2011!

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It was written by Gaga and Red one in 2007 for *** and the city, then given to Heidi for her debut album, but it was received v poorly and her album was delayed :quirkney:

Gagas version was later used in other films (cconfessions of a shopaholic and an ugly Betty episode, and she performed it on the monster ball tour from time to time. I wish it was on one of her albums...:staysalty:

Fun fact: in response to Gagas version, Spencer said that Gaga is repulsive and that Heidi is waaaay more talented than her and her version is better...

The delusion

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