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Britney working with Donkeyboy?

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Calvin Harris Music is annoying as **** :mhm: 

i doubt people love his music its just hes cool n he is hot name these days thats all .

I give him 5 years more n he will be lost by then, mark my words. :mhm: 

i used listen to 1 song of theirs ( Donkeyboy) called City Boy or something it was a cool track but i dont know any other song of them, Doubt that she knows them :mhm: 

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7 hours ago, Style. said:

somehow britney should release a generic **** for entering in the billboard hot 100


Make Me is kind of generic (don't drag me) like it fits the radio and I mean even if it has the potential to be a hit do you really think they'd give the song a good push for it to even rise up the charts decently? 

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