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I shaved my hair today.

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I know is kinda creppy but I dot care. she is my most greatest inspiration. she saved my life, a lot of people makes jokes about her blackout and I really dont care beacuse that makes her stronger and she can givin up any trouble.


I´m proud to be her fan,  I'm not proud of her dark side but I am proud of the way she out from under.

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36 minutes ago, PieceofBritney said:

While I think what OP did is crazy, yours is simply a dramatisation of an iconic moment. And you're having fun with it. I thought it's cute. 

How is what he did crazy? :mhmsureny:

They did the same thing. shaved their heads. But because you like the video better it's cute? To "have fun" with Britney's darkest moment? :plzexplain:

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