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Katy's comments were discussed on "The Talk"

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10 minutes ago, Lonely-*** said:

The woman at the end was trying to come after Katha Scary and the other women didn't let her. Those *******.

The guy is like repeating himself "it wasn't malice, I don't think it was malice, blah blah blah I'm such a stinky fan."

Yeah, and she was just using common sense. That guy gave Katy the benefit of the doubt because she made a face like "I shouldn't have said that", but then defended her when she said it second time.

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2 hours ago, SlumberBoy said:

I was going to give Katy the benefit of the doubt, but she said it not once but twice. We all know about 07 shavney..it was an obvious reference. 

she's said it like 4-5 times, just in previous years. also, i love the stupid *** in the video trying to normalize or justify her behavior.

EDIT: that video was pointless. they literally tried to justify katy's behavior and then made her the victim? idgi.

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10 hours ago, BritintheZone said:

I thought the same as them until she said it a second time with a smile and then we found out she said it a earlier in the month. Thats not cool!! :nyschool: THATS ******* SHADE AND OBVIOUSLY ABOUT BRITNEY! At some point that ***** was needed to be lectured . It extra upsetting know Britney liked her 

hope her **** flops 


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