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HOW COME? (SP related)

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Just think about all the hispanic countries that like Shakira. Britney has lost touch with the hispanic public, if she re-introduced herself to that market, and especially Asia, she'd have so much more views per video. That would obviously not count for US charts, but perhaps having more views in general would bring attention from US viewers, you know, like a snowball effect which I suppose it's what happens with most artists. I mean, Fifth Harmony and that sort of things have a lot of fans in Latin America too, for some reason.

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38 minutes ago, ♔ monalisaney ♚ said:

The gp loves shakira especially in latin america while they dont even know that vrit is still making music


20 minutes ago, Poe Dameron said:

apparently.. plus she appeals more to teenagers.. Britney mainly to her die hard fans who stan her since 1999..

And also this


And being realistic Chantaje is way more catchy than a midtempo like Slumber PartAaaAy :brityeah:

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Fame and popularity are 2 different things. The public may know both but they're not interested in Britney's music anymore. Shakira is more popular/relevant across the globe than Britney right now. By a big margin. People still check for Shakira and are interested in new music from her, unlike Britney.

The big views also have to do with Youtube being Latin america's favorite streaming platform. Several Latin american artists have huge Youtube views. Maluma, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky martin... Maluma is himself a factor in the views.

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I just think no matter how good the music is, it's not Britney's time. For some reason people are not interested in what she's doing. She's not very popular nowadays. Maybe next era the GP will be here for her. :sassybrit:

And Shakira is very popular in Europe and Latin America, people LOVE her. All of her videos have crazy views :

La Bicicleta (2016) : 736.000.000 views 

La La La (2015) : 787.000.000 views 

Can't Remember To Forget You (2014) : 776.000.000 views 

and Waka Waka (her most viewed video) : 1.314.000.000 views 

 Britney most viewed solo video is BOMT with 248.000.000 views. :nyheadache:


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