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Two new photos


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1 hour ago, Godney's Sweet *** said:


Larry doesn't deserve to be happy after all the pain and misery he's inflicted on the B Army these last few years :(


It's like he and Britney both semi-retired 6 years ago and now just don't bother with anything apart from Vegas Vegas fukking Vegas :otears:

In years, you will see that Vegas was a great idea :brit:

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2 hours ago, musicman85 said:

I'm not a fan of the dark eye shadow which she always wears, but here, she pull it off and looks amazing!! :giggleney:


Okay so... Since she's rich, so surely she has excellent access to the best beauty and cosmetic products on the market? I'm a huge fan but this is not good.

Lower eye makeup can make people look older as it draws attention to the under eyes - a problem if you have puffiness or wrinkles. Upper eye makeup alone would give her a more lifted appearance.

Her skin looks damaged, there are many beauty products on the market by reputable brands like Elemis and Clarins that would work wonders. Her fragrances are made by a BIG beauty brand, Estee Lauder! <-- Might have mistyped the brand name.


She needs a new makeup artist and someone that can advise on what to do between public appearances to improve her complexion. That is all.

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