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Most underrated Britney songs

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Hey folks, I've noticed there are certain songs that don't get enough credit, they are either overlooked, unfairly disliked, or simply forgotten or outshadowed by other more generic songs. So I picked one underrated song from every Britney album:

1). The beat goes on: the only song that comes close to a more quite Alternative / indie-pop vibe on her debut album. I like it. 


2). Heart: This soft and mellow flawless gem serves as one of the strongest recordings / works of the album. Its overlooked. 


3). Thats where you take me: This melodic and sweet R&B-waterfall-esque slow jam presents Britney at her finest. Truly underrated. 


4). Brave new girl: I love its breezy, Girl power and free spirit nature, with that flawless 90s electro-Pop-Rock style. Great underappreciated tune. 


5). Why should I be sad?: A true Britney slow gem suited with autobiographical lyrics and superb / divine electro-R&B production. Deserves more praise. 


6). Rock boy: "Circus" bonus tracks gain a lot of attention, except this one, which is a sensational Pop-Rock jam with the right attitude and simplicity at the same time.


7). Don't keep me waiting: This overlooked and forgotten FF track deserves more appreciation, Britney venturing into Pop-Rock suits her really well. 


8). Don't cry: One of the very few songs on BJ that were 100% sung by Britney. I love its sentimental feeling along that nostalgic and melancholic whistle. 


9). Just like me:  This guitar / acoustic driven song with elements of Synthpop, shows that Madonna-esque folktronica sound best which is a step in the right direction for Britney. Its underrated. 



What are your thoughts? 

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If i had to pick one from each album, then:

BOMT: Thinkin' About You

OIDIA: When Your Eyes Say It

Britney: That's Where You Take Me

ITZ: Don't Hang Up

Blackout: Why Should I Be Sad

Circus: Lace and Leather

FF: Seal It With a Kiss

BJ: It Should Be Easy (no i am not joking when i say this song)

Glory: Hard To Forget Ya

Other underrated songs: I'm So Curious, Walk On By, Intimidated, Chaotic, Over To You Now, Ooh La La, Am I a Sinner, Sippin' On, some other album tracks

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