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Your first reaction to every lead single.

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    I became a fan in the Circus era so i watched and listened to most of her previous work all together and i dont remember my reaction tbh

    GM: I had listened to a parody of GM and then the original song and i loved it. I was listening to it for days. :bop: 

    Womanizer: I heard it when i watched the video on TV. I loved the video and i liked the song but i was never too obssesed with it :ipass: 

    3: Probably my biggest obssesion with a Britney song along with IUSA :bigtime: 

    HIAM: I didnt like the verses and the whole song left me kinda unimpressed tbh. TTWE>>>>>> :mhm: 

    WB: Song :waitwhat: Video :hype:

    MM: I was expecting something faster and more uptempo. I mean it's good but after the first week i got bored of it. Lately i started to listening to it again tho :yaknow:

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    BOMT: OMG I LOVE THIS SONG :prettyney: let me dance my 6 yr old heart out

    OOPS!: I still remember being in the car the first time i heard it on the radio. I thought the titanic reference was weird but I loved the song just as much as BOMT

    SLAVE: :umwtf: I was 9

    MATM: :ehidk: Wow its.... so fast? Cool Madonna!

    GIMME MORE: :awyeah: :bparty:

    WOMANIZER: :carpoolney: I was indifferent at first but it made me move


    WORK *****: :watrusayin:

    MAKE ME: YESSSSSS:brit2016:

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    BOMT - instant love, made me dance lol

    OIDIA - I thought it was so mature at the time haha I loved it and was so excited for another album

    Slave - heard it when she did the VMAs and thought it was different, edgy, cool and fun

    MATM - heard it first when she did NFL Kick-Off Live (no Madonna) - the live sound and pre-recorded vocals were weird so I just thought it was kinda weird

    GM - looooooved it, i was so in shock that she did the Britney ***** line lol so badass

    Womanizer - i thought it was good and catchy just not as good as GM

    HIAM - it took a bit for me to warm up to this song, i liked it but didnt love it for a bit

    WB - i thought it didn't sound like a real song, more like a remix. but it was great to dance to

    MM - i thought it was too slow and not good enough to be a first single

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    I never really liked BOMT when I was a kid, but my brother used to listen to it so much, it started grewing on me. Even my neighbor who's a rock fan used to listen with his friends.

    I really liked 'Oops' from the first time I listened, cause it had that futuristic vibe that most songs in the year 2000 had. The video and live performances also made me love it.

    I though 'Slave' was very strange the first time I listened to it, but my brother convinced me it was a great song, different from everything that was playing at that time and probably the most important song of Britney's career.

    I liked MATM rhythm, but though it was not a first single material, cause it was too organic, I don't know. I liked the version with Penelope Magnet better. 

    'Gimme More' was great from the first listen, terrific song, just like 'Womanizer'. Great lead singles.

    I didn't like 'Hold it against me', but I could feel why people loved it so much... it had Max Martin all over it, very good melody.

    I didn't like 'Work *****' and completely stopped following Britney's career when I heard it. Now I kinda like it, but it's not very Britney.

    I liked 'Make me' and started loving after her performance at the VMA's because of the choreography. Great song, but not a first single material.


    EDIT: I loved '3' and 'My Prerogative' since the first listen... just like I loved the videos.

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    BOMT = "Who is this girl? .. She's interesting".

    OIDIA = "Wow .. She really did it again".

    Slave = "This is shocking .. She changed so much .. But I like it".

    MATM = "This is ok / average .. I expected more from a B & M duet .. But I like it" 

    GM = "Its catchy but its different and way too clubbish for her" .....    (the song eventually grew on me and now its among my favorites)

    Womanizer = "She's freaking back"

    HIAM = "OMG I'm slayed this is perfection" 

    WB = "Meh ... this is not what I was expecting but its very edgy .. Its fun"

    MM = "What a surprise, wasn't expecting a song with this title to be so stunning, I'm slayed". 

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