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Do you ever get bullied bc you are a Britney fan?

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Yes !! When my cousin added me on facebook and saw Britney's picture, she said "i'm embarrassed now that i'm adding you to my friends list".

Friends at college started whispering when they saw me listening to a Britney song.

A close friend (Not anymore) started judging me.

But i always defend myself. I just ask them to whom they listen. Guess what buddies, they listen to "Beyonce, Rihanna, Lorde, Will i bad-production am,..."

I told them, that their irrelevant favs are in the industry because Britney's influence. When i start comparing Britney to them, they shut up !! Coz they know that Britney is above them all, Commercially. 

When people start bullying you, ask them about their favs, you'll find out that they love Katy perry and taylor swift. Then you can rise above them, and the sky is the limit.

The GP sucks toes when it comes to taste in music.

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No. Back during the BOMT days my mother would make fun of me (I was raised on rock, so I guess she saw it as me being a traitor to that), but over the years she's come to like Britney a lot. My husband has always known not to go there. :nobitch:

Now my best friend's mom goes out of her way to trash Britney and praise other artists in comparison, and I feel awful for her when she tells me the stories because I have been there before. Plus she loves Britney so much because I do, so eek.

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i think that stans in general get bullied

like if you have a katy perry or lady Gaga or beyonce or ariana header or profile picture in facebook or talk about them all day or just post about them on social media or posting about them often on instagram you will get bullied 

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Yes i get bullied by Beyonce fans and Gaga fans (which is ironic since she supposedly represents unity, and inclusion). They believe all the tabloids, always bring up her meltdown, says she cant dance or sing and is old. They talk about how beyonce and Gaga are so original but yet havent done their pop history research, and dont realize these two women are the most unoriginal artist of this time. 

They talk **** on me for my fave and try using their faves accomplishments as if it were their own and they then feel superior to me. I've learned to go through life like a karate kid and let it go in one ear and out the other. Im stronger than yesterday and now its nothing but my way!


(And lets be real Britney fans are the hottest people, just look at the others fans :quirkney:)

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at work, i was watching a britney video. and a girl said `you like britney?! go listen to katy perry at least. she is better`.
i didnt even defend myself or britney. i just said `ok` and then kept watching britneys video. cuz its not logical to discuss with someone who thinks katy perry is better than britney and worth listening to... instead of britney.



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1 hour ago, WilderWein said:

I mean by the people around you. Your partner, friends or family. That they bash Britney and maybe even praise other artists on purpose maybe to get on your nerves?

Yes. When I was in High School it made me hide myself in a shell, once I got to University, people actually loved her and now that I work, they again make fun of me but I "own" it and now they don't mess with me. Once they see they have no power over you, then it's no longer fun and they stop.

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Thank you for the responses, I enjoy reading them. I think the trick is to not give them the response that they want (which is getting hurt, opset or annoyed) and just be like "ok" and then they'll stop because there is no fun to it anymore. I personally find it most annoying when they keep comparing her to an artist I don't like and call that other artist the queen of pop or more succesfull or what not, eventhough the fact sshow otherwise and then i get annoyed that I actually let it get to me, like I am still 15 lol. I dont get why people need  to bash things you enjoy in the first place, to be honest. its just plain rude.

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