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58 minutes ago, kasavas said:

Who cares? I mean even if they do they're going to sound nothing like Britney, probably. :brit:

I mean, I wanna be strong for my fans, they're what keeps me going?

Britney would probably say something like "I will stay strong for my boys".


i think they were just chopped dialogue that made it seem like she said that

kinda how the if u seek amy song preview didnt have the "say what you want about me" part and only said "love me hate me all the boys and all the girls are begging to if u seek amy" 

when we got the full song it sounded weird cause it had extra words that werent there on the preview

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2 hours ago, Britney_baby said:

I think the head shaving scene looks really dramatic and well done, based on this trailer ofc. Let's hope they won't say she shaved her head for a ridiculous reason like passing a drug tests or just going crazy though :sofedup:

Thats my only concern. I think it looks decent and I'm anxious to see it. But I don't want them to throw in shady facts that aren't true just to give it reason. I'd honestly rather them still keep it a mystery than to put what they think her reasoning was.

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