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Things that never will happen with Larry Cheap Rudolph

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Britney taking all the banners of iTunes. Or Britney booking a SB own performances.


I mean her cheap Team missed the opportunity of the "comeback" with the VMAs with the Cheap Performance they made for. Larry flop *** even can't put Britney opening the ******* VMAs after 9 years without a performance. 

Sorry but pissed me off how greatest and smart are so many team behind musicians like Gaga, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, meanwhile Britney is killing her career with Larry. Probably the Big Move of Larry for the 2017 it's gonna be the extension of the Irrelevant POM to 2019:byebitch:

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you guys do realize that Britney is cheap too right?? Didnt she say in one documentary that they dont want to put much money in the show because then they would earn less?? Britney and  her team didnt have problems investing in her in her prime or for the Circus Tour or FF Tour.. This whole "being ridiculously cheap" thing started with BJ

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7 minutes ago, mauureee said:

where did she say this? :beyfedup:

I think it was around beginning FF era, when she talked about stage? I guess she talked about that they invested a lot of money in stage and she sad "after everything is finished you ask yourself where is your money?" Or something like that..

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Yet again someone that doesn't realize that Larry has nothing to do with what they are talking about, her team doesn't pay itunes for these things RCA does......so blame them! Also Larry has no say in when she performs during a show either.......MTV decided on where to place her at the VMA's......big artists usually open or close a show so they gave Britney the close. 

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