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Do you want Britney to HEADLINE the Super Bowl?  

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All Half time performances have more than 1 performer. A main performer + 2 or 3 more to complement it, unless the artist that is performing asks to be all by him/herself but in case she gets to do it she won't do that. Of course I'd love her to be alone and in case she collaborates with someone else I just hope she doesn't pick someone with at least under 10 years of career :donewithit:

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yes cause she would obviously not use her studio vocals and would use pre recorded vocals

they would invest in the production and create a great show and she can still pull it off like she did in the bbma last year

she can put on a great show if she works on it 

and it would be great exposure which she desperately needs atm 


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Britney & Janet Jackson, it would be redemption for both in the eyes of the public. And considering how much the former has been influenced by the latter, the collaboration would just make sense and be really inspiring IMO.

As we witnessed with BBMA 2016, Britney is still capable of executing a truly epic, memorable performance. I honestly wouldnt advocate for her to do the Superbowl again if it hadn't been for that BBMA performance, but it really solidified my belief that she still has the capacity to be incredible on stage (and not just relative to herself in terms of improvement from previous performances post-comeback, but truly outstanding in contrast to her peers). 

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I don't know :lostney: She has had some really good moments over the past couple of years where I think with the right choreography/costumes/pre recorded vocals she could kill it  but she's kind of inconsistent so what if she had one of her bad days at the Superbowl of all places. She COULD do it but I don't know if she would or if she would take it seriously enough and not just treat it like another night in Vegas.

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You act like she's going to perfom like she does at POM. BBMA 2016 says hi, same choreo but x1000 slayage. I think she could do it, she tends to slay when she performs at big events. The only thing that concerns me is the lipsync... If she ever performs at Superbowl, she HAS to sing live at least one song, or even a phrase in some songs, and the rest with pre recorded vocals. :excuseu:

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Yes tbh.

I'm really sick of fans within this fan base that don't want Britney to do what every other female is doing,
just because they're worried of what people might say. Sorry to get real here... but if she performed like DWADney
with Slaveney figure and Circus Tour stage and theatrics... some people would still drag her and say she was ****.
We as a fan base have to get real on this and be more accepting of the fact that this is how the world works unfortunately.
Though it doesn't mean we should be afraid of what commentators will say or limit Britney on what she should and not do.
It shouldn't mean we should miss out as a fan base because of random people who we do not give a **** about.
We should embrace and support her in anything she does, especially if its something as huge and amazing as Superbowl.
**** what the haters and commentators have to say. They will always have something to say. No matter what.
If she ever did Superbowl, that moment will be for her and for us. She would slay it and we all know it.
When she went to BBMA... she looked flawless head to toe and delivered one of the best performances in a long time.
If she had the Superbowl... you can guarantee she would go ALLLLL out and give us one heck of a show.
What's more is that Britney compared to all these other stars like Gaga, Katy, Beyonce etc... has SUCH a memorable, nostalgic
and iconic body of work that people would find themselves hyped and loving it singing along once she actually hit the stage.
Some people think she's not ready, but preparing for it and actually challenging herself will make her ready not just for Superbowl,
but for anything else that comes ahead. I actually believe it would boost her confidence so much if she did it.
Don't get me wrong she'd be nervous as **** waiting to go on, but that adrenaline would kick in and she'll use it to slay.
I think sometimes playing it safe and not putting yourself in a situation that doesn't make you nervous is what makes her not push herself or do as well. Whenever you feel really ******* nervous, but then you're on stage and you KNOW you HAVE to pull it off...
NO EXCUSES... the adrenaline always seems to take over and actually helps a person slay tbh. I think that is missing in Britney's career.   

I believe in Britney. I believe she would ******* give the show of her career there... and you guys should too.

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