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we NEED a third single

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this can't be it. two 2-single eras in a row i cannot take :tiffanycries: "glory" is such an amazing album, don't let it die.

the way "make me..." (video) and "slumber party" (promo) were treated was a disgrace.  they didn't even actually release SP as a single.. people have to buy the album track :tiffanycries: no cover, nothing. random EP (and again zero promo) months after its release. hell, not even a discount.

too many gems left. revive it now!

strong contenders:

- "liar"

- "if i'm dancing"

- "just luv me"

- "change your mind (no seas cortes)"


i'd love "invitation" too but she rarely releases her artsy fartsy stuff :tiffanycries:


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Guest Diamond Horse

They could still shoot a music video, money is no excuse. If they do it well, they could do a good video even if it is low-budget.

But I would really respect it, if Britney made a video with her own money


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It really is awful.   GLORY was "her baby" and she is just letting it flop.  Her team and label should pushfor many singles as possible. It's an amazing album and her best in years. It doesn't deserve this treatment. I really think liar should be a single. Something upbeat. 

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5 hours ago, tsss said:

waiting 3-4 years only for 2 music videos :meltdown: and one is unwatchable 

can they at least be nice to us and release something 

we've had more bad videos in the past few years than good :britstare11:


  1. Work *****
  2. Slumber Party


  1. Perfume
  2. Pretty Girls
  3. Make Me

at least WB and SP were really good, and the hallway scenes of Make Me are pretty hot...

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