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This Britney valentine's day meme is everywhere on fb


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10 minutes ago, Girl On The Moon said:

I don't find this funny at all. This is too personal and devastating for people to use it for "fun". 

its heartbreaking to see britney cry and to see whats shes been through. but people see it as funny because they don't know the context of the interview. like most meme's theyre extra, theyre exaggerated. 

as a britney fan, i wouldn't label this as insensitive or anything in a negative manner. 

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5 hours ago, Lonely-*** said:

Are gays making these? They better. I don't wanna see some straights coming up with these just because it's "funny." :grimace:

Leave Britney's crying clips alone and quit crying for **** if you don't take any. :staysalty:

Can I please ask you WHY that picture is your avi??? :britdrown: PM me even, I'm genuinely curious.

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