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Who wore it better? Britney vs scarlet


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9 minutes ago, IUSAtonight said:

lol, what kind of answer you excpect to get here? :thinkney: 

Scarlet's posture in the first pic is weird and her make-up isn't good tho

Umm my question was if people could share other outfits that were the same as Britney's I have just simply stated that I like Britney better :D the posts was made because that's the first time I'm seeing that scarlet has worn the same dress. 

PS. I just realised I put the question as the title of the post but I did it after writing the post to explain why Britney vs scarlet. I wanted to actually see other similar outfits 

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18 hours ago, timito said:

I just saw this pic of Scarlet on Instagram and was surprised that this is a dress we have seen Britney in. 


I preferre Britney (theeee) :D 


Anyone would like to share other pics of someone wearing the same cloths as Brit? 

Scarlett is not my type, don't like ha attitude. Boring as ****! :tiffsmoke:

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