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Jar, POM dancer, shares choreography to Outrageous


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56 minutes ago, RTC said:

Yeah DS and the Missy section can be switched out 

I forgot about the Missy section :( I thought back in spring that it was a placeholder for her to add a song from Glory(B9 at the time).


I wonder why she hasn't put in If I'm Dancing/Love Me Down/Change Your Mind to promote Glory instead of Missy. Maybe they're holding it to put single #3 and they're trying to get a Missy feat.  :plzexplain: or B10 lead single after she extends Vegas, "Guys my tenth album is coming very very soon so I want y'all to help me count to 10" or she just likes Missy which is probably the case. 

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It's always great seeing videos of Britney's dancers when they're free styling or just dancing "for fun." :tiffanynod:

Also, while it's obviously an honor to dance with Britney :nynod:, seeing her dancers with this high energy also makes me think about the sacrifices they've made for their careers when the choreo done in the show is, for the most part, choreographed poorly :wontcry:... I'd assume they would have to practice and keep up on the side so they wouldn't get lazy/out of shape or form. :brityeah: An interesting consideration to say the least. :unbothered:

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2 hours ago, spreadmywings said:

I dont like it. Too exaggerate, agressive and splash. just like most of choreos nowadays. but yeah..it ***** on POM choreos.

Yeah in those classes they always do the moves harder cause they're in a dance class and everyone is showing off and freestyling. 

I dont like how hard it is cause the beat isn't like that but if they slowed down and made it **** it would look good

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