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*Awkward* I'd like to apologize for my behavior and comments the other day


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So I made this comment in a thread about Britney's supposed weight gain/cut choreo in POM:


Ugh this should not be happening. She isn't an entertainer anymore she's a throwback act


I have no respect for her as an artist anymore. I love her <2011 but after that I can't.


shes a professional performer getting paid millions in vegas and after 33 years of dancing and performing she hasn't even been taught or learnt to put her ******* game face on no matter her mood and do what she's paid to do? Jesus Britney seriously this is getting beyond a joke now. It's time to make a decision girl

i love her and all but she's becoming a bit of a brat thinking that she can have off days and not do consistent choreo just because she's Britney Spears. And no she hasn't deserved it, she's 35 and been working since she was 16. Welcome to the real world. Everyone works from 16. 

People are still doing the same jobs at 67. People have cancer, lose family members, have limbs amputated, suffer with multiple personality disorder, get attacled, mugged, etc and they still go to work and smile to the customers, they still construct buildings to a safe and legal standard, they still fix cars and perform maintenance to a high quality standard because that's what they're paid to do. Britney doesn't even do what she is paid to do and that's sing


Sorry you guys I've been up all night and I'm really tired. I'm just fed up with all of her bullshit and I'm eating sick of it. Do your job or quit. 

Celebs excuses are 'I'm not your mom' or 'I didn't ask to be your role model' 'I didn't ask you to listen to my cd' 'why should I apologise for your unhappiness'

well britney your charging us for your services - music and shows and the introduction into your personal life. Be responsible for our stress. Our depression and the fact that little girls wear bras and pantys now. 

Its like saying a psychiatrist goes to work and half ***** his attitude with a patient. If that patient were to kill themselves or do something bad, the psychiatrist shouldn't say 'well I didn't ask you to jump off a cliff'

same thing 


I wanna say that what I said was absolutely ridiculous :quirkney:


I had an appendectomy on Tuesday and have been on a lot of Codeine and Morphine up until yesterday. I came home today with just standard Paracetamol painkillers and have just come online and realized what I have been saying. This is NOT an excuse and I'm kinda sorry for creating yet another enemy that ya'll had to deal with on Exhell (Like there weren't already enough). 

I believe and stand by the MESSAGE behind what I said in the sense that customers should get what they pay for... Especially if they're paying for £100 tickets. However, We say this all the time when it comes to the lipsyncing thing.

Because of the painkillers (You don't really understand until you have been on them) I was very high rate about everything. My mind was foggy as most drugs cause, and LITERALLY every little thing annoyed me or upset me (Including the fact that my cigarette went out just as I had lit it outside and starting crying my eyes out while sitting in a wheelchair... :squintney:). So obviously, I read about primeney/weight gain/lipsyncing/cut choreo etc and I went into maximum meltdown mode. 2013 desert style. 

As I said it's not an excuse for the things I said, But it's a reason as to my frame of mind and the way i went about it. I don't know why I'm apologising as this is a forum and let's face it, none of ya'll really give a **** anyway.


But still, I'm not a nasty or malicious person so here goes...


Sorry Ya'll  tumblr_mg65xuPhki1qdcxoeo1_500.gif




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