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Coupure Électrique (digitalart)


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22 hours ago, Britneybbhmm said:

Wow I love it....tumblr_nx8vnmJb8j1ql5yr7o2_400.gif

u did an amazing job!!! 

Thank you so much :crying1:

22 hours ago, button said:



22 hours ago, ohoney said:

I love the BONUS a lot! (not feeling the dark hair but is still awesome) congrats for having talent, unlike some of ha team :zoomzoom: 

Thank you! I did hair like that for purpose ;) , it has a meaning :crying1:

22 hours ago, Artsy Fartsy said:

beautiful :wendycry: you should do Liar next

Thank you, I will! :crying4:

22 hours ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

This pic looks amazing !!!!!

You should continue with LMD, Liar and DYWCO

Thank you! Actually I did DYWCO already, I still have to make rest of the songs ;) 

22 hours ago, Electro World said:

I love it!!! :unbelievableney:

Living for the half light half dark hair, Sia teas :forkit:

Thank you! :bigkiss: 

21 hours ago, Soni said:

It is great!!

I was wondering were u've been!!
U slayed us like always :foh:

u are a true artist btw :crying11: I loved how u put a picture of Britney (at the time of her troubles and around Blackout) in the picture:crying2:

Thank you! I had some personal stuff to do so I couldn't make any art, but now I will so don't worry! This art have some deeper meaning, I wanted to be connected with blackout era :crying1:

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1 hour ago, BritintheZone said:

Amazing!!!! Love the bonus! 

Do love me down:cinderellaney: please

Thank you ;) I'm working on Love me down so stay tuned :bigkiss: 

1 hour ago, I'mSoCurious said:

You are a wizard! This is magic! You are amazing, I love it so much :crying1: 

Thank you :crying11:

1 hour ago, PieceofBritney said:

That bonus!

Now I can't decide which I like the most....umm...but the bonus is super ****! 

Thank you so much :bigkiss: 

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21 hours ago, CJMCH said:

it's so amazing to watch the whole thing on YT. The way you start the whole concept, change your ideas, keep details into consideration. The more you post, the better you're getting.

Private Show and Come Over are my favorites. Keep up the good job, I loved it!

Thank you so much! I will do more! :bigkiss: 

21 hours ago, IUSAtonight said:

That looks really good :clap: 

Thank you ;) 

21 hours ago, Daxx said:

Hello Team Britney, THIS IS WHAT I CALL A ******* ALBUM COVER. LEARN FROM THE FANS. :sofedup:
I can't believe we get this masterpieces from you while officially we get THIS as an album cover:

Thank you so much! I would luv to work for her team :crying11:

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