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(POLL): If you could only choose one, which single should've been a number one?

If you could only choose one, which single should've been a number one?  

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1 hour ago, BoyToySoldier said:

Make Me... because the rest of those songs listed already have their own popularity and legacies. Plus, she could benefit having a #1 almost 20 years into her career. It shows longevity.

This. No one remembers or cares if Oops or Toxic didn't peak at #1; they were huge, iconic hits worldwide. The former was truly a global phenomenon, while the latter secured her sole Grammy award to date.

And anyway, during the aforementioned eras, success was largely gauged by album sales.

Currently, a single's chart position matters much more, because it's reflective of streaming, which in turn heavily impacts radio play (and thus its success). Many of the biggest pop artists today don't sell many albums, but have careers based on #1 singles from massive airplay.

So, if Glory had started off with a #1 lead single, it would've changed the whole trajectory of this era.

(Plus, Make Me is an amazing song and deserves it!) :tbh:

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