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Slumber Party Radio Update - Day 58

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7 minutes ago, button said:

Things picked up after that 1M+ update and then everyone gave up again.

It's frustrating how her team won't do anything, no discount, no performance. It can't grow if they don't fix some things like the iTunes position. :beyfedup:

They don't care...

Too busy extending Vegas to the year 2050

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2 minutes ago, button said:

They discounted the album today and didn't put it under the discounted albums section so it's naturally having no effect.

She is cursed with a terrible team. I feel bad for her. She is surrounded by dumbasses. :beyfedup:

Tragic. Glory deserves better, it hurts to have great music because no one will ever know. :sassybrit:

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9 minutes ago, Army1 said:

Were you actually thinking about giving up? 

I was requesting but I gave this song one more week starting from yesterday. The -34 was because of Elvis duran rolling.

But i know everyone else stopped the past few days especially since i've been busy with exams so I couldn't bump request threads. :embarrassed:

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