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When she said: 'I will definitely sing live''...


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2 minutes ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

I would love to hear her sing live again. Even if she doesn't sound amazing, at least it will be her.

Not expecting an entire show, but a good part of it. Slower songs and ones with minimal choreography. 

That would be a good new years resolution for her tbh :moorangu:

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2 hours ago, annonymous said:

I really believed her! I was like omg she is finally gonna sing a whole show live :gloria:

And then I heard the first words of work ***** and I was like 'nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn this *****' :moorangu:

check my meltdown from summer when I was remembering Larry confirming 'she will definitely sing live in Vegas'  :byebitch:






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